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Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital -CTEH is to be an agent in reducing poverty by providing

Compassionate, quality, tertiary care with efficiently trained staff and equipped

with appropriate ophthalmic equipment, instruments and medicines


CTEH, a Comprehensive Eye Care program has been the single largest eye care program in the country since 1997. To attain the vision, the program provides quality diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative eye care in order to eliminate preventable and treatable blindness, train eye personnel in provision of quality eye care and conduct research relevant to eye conditions in Cambodia and neighboring countries.

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In 1996, Maryknoll launched a rehabilitation program to secure patient with eye problems; meanwhile, there was strong demand of people in the communities regarding knowledge and eye health services. Thus, Fr.John Barth initially projected to respond the requirements of this with an effort to cooperate actively by CBM Germany, H.E Chhea Thang was the former minister of MoH, Dr Te Thong Sin was the former director of Takeo Provincial Health Department (PHD) and Takeo governor especially H.E Sou Phearin was the former governor of the Takeo province had authorized to renovate tuberculosis building to become the Takeo Eye Hospital (TEH) and started receiving patient with eye problems at the first time on February 8, 1997 with the participation of foreigners and local professional staff such as Dr. Staf Nietfeld, Dr. Andy Pyott, Dr. Makus Stephan, Dr. Phok Thon, Dr. Lauren Sothea, MissTitchui Chan, Miss. Lois Dingley, etc. Besides the eye care services, TEH also established a Basic Eye Doctor (BED) and Basic Eye Nurse Program (BEN) to develop human resource skills to expand eye health services across provinces and cities in order to reduce blindness in Cambodia. Read More(khmer)... / Read More(english)...


Name: Ms. El Yoeun
Programme: Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital,
Location: Takeo province, Cambodia
El Yeoun

The window, Ms. El Yoeun is 58 years old under supported by her five married sons and unmarried daughterand lives in Tra Tieth Village, Champie Commune, Bati District, Takeo Province around 50km far from the Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital (CTEH). However, she is being supported by her kids,Read More...


Name: Ms. SomSok
Programme: Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital,
Location: Takeo province, Cambodia
Sam Sok

Ms.SomSokis 68 years old, lives in SraeKuo Village, Cheang Tong Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, around 28kmfar from the Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital (CTEH). She is a famer and living with her hunsband under supported by her four married sons and daughter in that village. Her vision has been became wost since last seven years that limitted her daily functional activities in managing house work and supporting her family. Read More...


Name: Mr. You Khan

Programme: Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital,

Location: Takeo province, Cambodia

You khan

The famer, Mr. You Khan is 63 years oldand lives with his wife, four sons and a daughter in Krosang Pol Village, Ta ou Commune, Kirivong District, Takeo Province, around  76km from Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital(CTEH).Read More...



Name: Kong Yoeung
Programme: Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital, CBM
Location: Takeo province, Cambodia.




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